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Local Trade Exchange Network

PCC uses the Villages.cc, a decentralized mutual credit system and marketplace. By creating a trusted network, users can issue and send credit through pathways to their extended 'web of trust' without the need for traditional '3rd party IOU's' (such as national currencies). This is an effective and useful complementary currency system that can be used anywhere in the world.

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Everyone has equal opportunity to share, receive, and thrive.

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Meet your Commuity

Collaborating with trusted people to offer skills and get needs met.


Creating your own money gives you access, based on your reputation.

Local Economy

Money is issued by you! It doesn't get more local than that!

Who We Are

Global Community

Villages.cc is an open source, global community working together, building this project, since 2011. The idea and platform was originally created by Ryan Fuggar.

Puna Community Currency

Started by Daniel Levy, Puna Community Currency, a grassroots organization on Big Island of Hawaii, is pushing this tech forward and teaching residents how to use it.


We are committed to ideals of individual soverignty, privacy, governance transperancy, decentralization and open source.
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Be a part of a movement of over 4000 decentralized economies emerging across the planet.

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